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Fire Safety

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In this staff training, your employees will learn how to act in the right way in case of a fire. This includes the correct usage of extinguishing equipment and extinguishing agents as well as measures to prevent fires. In a 3D environment, this course explains all the essential symbols, signs and fire safety systems which are required to effectively instruct your workforce. Animated, interactive sequences give your employees the chance to test their behavior in case of a fire in a practical way. This web-based training is directed at all employees in private and public companies and other organizations.

v1.9 (May 06, 2024)

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German, English
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Health and Safety
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Target group:
Employees of companies or organizations.
Story + Quiz
Fire protection, fire case, extinguishers, extinguishing agents, fire prevention, fire protection equipment, instruction, WBT, companies, public companies, organizations, emergency numbers, fire protection officer, fire protection regulations, fire classes, escape routes, staircase, elevator, fire alarm, first aid, injured persons, wound care, shock fighting, first aiders, smoking ban
  • Fire Safety Officer and Fire Safety Regulations
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Fire Safety Systems
  • Fire Classes
  • Escape Routes
  • Keeping Escape Routes Clear
  • Elevator and Staircase
  • Helping Disabled Persons
  • Exercise: How to Act in Case of an Alarm
  • How to Act in Case of a Fire
  • 3 Steps in Case of a Fire
  • Acting in the Right Way in Case of a Fire
  • Exercise: Burning Waste-Paper Basket
  • First Aid
  • Injured Persons
  • Persons on Fire
  • Treating Wounds
  • Treating Shock
  • First Aiders
  • Interactive Dialogue
  • After the Fire
  • Preventing Fires
  • Flammable Waste
  • Keeping Your Workplace Tidy
  • No-Smoking Policy
  • Exercise: How to Act in Case of a Large Fire
  • Quiz
Version history:
v1.9, May 06, 2024

Engine update and performance improvements.

v1.8, Mar 06, 2024
  • SCORM 2004 support added
  • Updated voice over
v1.7, Dec 06, 2023
v1.6, Oct 13, 2023
v1.5, May 11, 2022