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Cyber Security

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In the course of a gripping, interactive story, this 3D training familiarizes your employees with the topic of information security. It provides important background information and teaches your staff how to handle sensitive data correctly in everyday situations. While accompanying Lisa at her day at work, users get to know all the essentials of information security. They experience practical situations which put their security awareness to the test, in areas such as social engineering, phishing or password security. This course is suitable for trainings in conformity with the European Union’s new NIS Directive (2016/1148).

v2.6 (May 06, 2024)

German, English
German, English
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Cyber Security
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Target group:
Employees of companies or organizations.
Story + Quiz
Social Engineering, Phishing, Password Security, Clear Desk Policy, Office, Handy, Shoulder Surfing, Information Security, Cyber Security, Social Media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WLAN, Digital Assistant
  • Title Slide (Intro)
  • Bedroom (Digital Assistants)
  • Kitchen (Newspaper)
  • Subway Station (Public Wi-Fi)
  • Subway Station (Social Media Account)
  • The Subway Arrives
  • Subway Train (Shoulder Surfing and Password Security)
  • Leaving the Subway (Key Concepts of Information Security)
  • Entering the Office (Downloads)
  • Messy Office (Clear Desk Policy)
  • Hallway to the Office (Responsibilities)
  • Office (Social Engineering)
  • Office (Suspicious E-Mail)
  • Leaving the Office
  • Café (Phishing Explanation)
  • Café (Phishing Exercise)
  • Café (Phishing Game)
  • Apartment (Handout)
  • Quiz
Version history:
v2.6, May 06, 2024

Engine update and performance improvements.

v2.5, Mar 06, 2024

SCORM 2004 support added

v2.4, Dec 06, 2023
v2.3, Oct 13, 2023
v2.2, Jun 20, 2023