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Preventing Corruption

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In essence, Compliance means abiding by laws and company guidelines and – at the same time – taking into account moral and ethical standards. Compliance guidelines are often violated out of sheer lack of awareness. For this reason, trainings can help prevent corruption and in this way protect your employees from negative consequences and your company from reputational damage and resulting drops in sales. With the interactive web-based training “Preventing Corruption“, you can familiarize your employees with these topics. The educational contents of this course include important background information and relevant guidelines on correct behavior.

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Corruption prevention, compliance, corporate policies, principles, compliance guidelines, code of conduct, corruption prevention, compliance violations, ethics, morals, image damage, loss of revenue, WBT, guidelines, conduct, compliance violations, anti-corruption, gifts, public officials
  • Introduction
  • Compliance
  • What Is Compliance?
  • Goals of the Compliance System
  • Consequences of Compliance Violations
  • How to Avoid Violations
  • Corruption
  • What Is Corruption?
  • Prevention of Corruption
  • Principles for Combating Corruption
  • Benefits
  • What Are Benefits?
  • What Is Prohibited?
  • Exceptions
  • Additional Remarks
  • Rejecting Gifts
  • Officials
  • Who Is an Official?
  • Additional Remarks
  • Exceptions
  • Quiz
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v1.17, May 06, 2024

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v1.14, Oct 16, 2023
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